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Custom boat building considerations: What buyers need to know

If you’ve always dreamed of having a custom-built boat, one to suit your exact needs out on the water, then you probably already know custom boat builders don’t have a catalogue for you to look through.

So, before you pick up the phone or push send on the email inquiry, make sure you have enough information that will help the custom boat builder provide you with a realistic estimate. Search the web, find a whole bunch of custom items you want to be added to your boat, then reach out and ask for the all-important quote. That really will be the deciding factor on what you do and don’t need.

The process first has to start with a clear understanding of what kind of boat you are looking for, the usage of your desired vessel, and what operating conditions the boat be subject to.

Deciding factors when building a custom boat

The size of the boat, propulsion system, and onboard equipment influence approximately one-half the cost of the boat. The labour component then makes up the remainder. And you need to keep in mind that changing one will directly impact the price tag on the other. Once you set out your exact priorities, and you decide exactly what you do and don’t want on your new custom-built boat, the result and the costs involved will become much clearer.

Also, when it comes to the costs involved, you might want to consider the delivery journey of your new vessel. When leaving the custom boat builder’s workshop, find out if there will be any potential obstructions from bridges, silted channels, or restricted waterways. This may determine how you transport your new custom boat. If it needs to come by road, this may end up being a much bigger expense. However, it’s better that it makes it home in one piece and doesn’t end up stuck on the banks of a river somewhere far from home.

Give your boat dealer as much information as you can

This is especially important when considering your intended usage of the boat and also where you intend to dock the vessel. Knowing where the boat will float offers many key insights into the design process. The location tells the boat builder what construction regulations apply. They need to take into consideration if the boat will need mitigating systems for extreme climates or structural reinforcement for ice protection and heavy seas. You also need to let your chosen boat builder know if salinity will be present.

Are you ready to get down to business?

Once you have established what you need, when you need it and where you intend to float your vessel, it’s time to get serious about your new custom-built boat. Make an appointment to see the experts at Wyld About Boats. Whether you’re after brand new or second-hand, they’ve got a wide range of vessels for sale. Conveniently located on the Gold Coast, drop in, or give them a call on 075 563 2223. And check out their trailer boats online.

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