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Used boats vs new boats: pros and cons

Did you know that new boats can depreciate in value quickly, while used boats tend to lose their value at a slower rate? But it’s worth noting that older boats tend to require a bit more maintenance than newer ones, so you could end up spending more time and money on them. 

New boat pros:

  • There is a much wider range to choose from when you’re shopping for a new boat.
  •  New boats feature the latest technology and advancements.
  • A new boat offers you more options to customise it to your personal tastes, selecting optional extras such as hull or upholstery colour. 
  • You get to enjoy your boat while it’s at its shiniest and newest, everybody loves a gleaming new boat. 
  • Less maintenance required. 
  • New boats come with a full manufacturer’s warranty. 
  • After sale support is also included. 

New boat cons:

  • The only real negative to owning a new boat is the price. New boats are obviously more expensive than used boats.

Used boat pros:

  • Lower prices are one of the most attractive things about used boats. 
  • Used boats may not have the latest technology but you know that they have been tried and tested. 
  • Depending on make, model and the market, used boat depreciate slower than new boats. 
  • The fact you will be able to look at the exact boat you’re buying means that any test drive will be on the very boat you might eventually own, so there’s an instant connection. 

Used boat cons:

  • Buying a second-hand boat from a private individual can also have some risks, as you don’t know if there is a murky history. 
  • Used boats require more maintenance.  
  • Shorter warranty if you are buying form a boat dealer or broker. 
  • Often there’s no warranty if you are buying from a private individual. 

The final choice

So, at the end of the day the option you choose will be the one that suits your lifestyle, requirements and budget. If you’re new to boating, you might find used vessels fit your price range much better. But if money isn’t an issue, then a sleek new model might be for you. 

If you do opt for a used boat, your best bet is to buy through an experienced dealer. That way, you know the boats for sale will only be high-quality and will have passed comprehensive checks by professional technicians, plus you can get expert advice on the operation and upkeep of the boat.

Still now sure? 

Don’t worry, our expert sales team at Wyld About Boats – Arundel on the Gold Coast are here to help. We stock a great range of both new and used boats and are happy to show them to you and explain all the features and technology. Call us on 07 5563 2223 to arrange a test ride.

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